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Crucial Mistakes in SMM Promotion

Social networks are a big part of our lives. Sometimes it is too expensive for businesses to keep accounts in each of them, and managers either hire inexperienced SMM specialists or try to do it themselves. And they often make mistakes.

If we look at the history of social media and its impact on business, we can certainly assume that social media marketing strategist is one of the key factors for your brand’s success. Now we are going to look through some critical SMM mistakes for you to avoid in the future.


Would you want someone to sell you something every day or several times a day? Would you want to see the same social media posts online all the time?

What would you do if we chatted with you daily and asked you to regularly buy our SEO promotion services? We know the answer: you would either block us or remove us from your friends’ list. And you will throw our posts into ignoring.

Often clients on social networks do only one thing. They write about their products/services/solutions they sell and ask people to contact them to buy them. Click, Buy, Go.

What is this at its core? It’s a digital form of cold calling. And it doesn’t work!

You’re wasting money and time promoting these posts. The designer’s time to draw the graphics. But all the effort is wasted because no one likes a hard commercial pitch.

Only 1% of the audience can really react to such advertising!

What to do?

Follow the 80/20 marketing rule.

The rule is simple:

– Generally, 80% of your posts should be informative.

– 20% can be aimed at direct sales. And in that 20%, we recommend using a soft sell step rather than a hard sell step.


It often happens that business page owners post anything and everything on their business page. For example, political evaluations, movie reviews, and memes. All of this is of no benefit to the development of your social network.

Remember about the matrix of social media posts – which posts affect your audience in what way?

The information in the post should do one thing (two at most):

– Entertain.

– Influence.

– Teach.

– Persuade.

So be relevant to your industry. Publish what is relevant to your business.

Don’t think about your target audience in general – try to stick to business.

Also, never share your political, religious, or any other personal thoughts on a business page. You can “provoke” your audience and end up losing most of it.


Everyone knows that in social networks, the ranking factor of a post is not the content or its keywords. But likes, comments, and if they are shared among friends. The ranking goes already in friends’ friends’ feeds, and they see what their social network friend has liked or commented on.

As a consequence, more than 50% of bloggers are literally asking to like, comment, subscribe or share with friends. Every post has a line like please, “Like/share/comment.”

It looks like desperate begging, or you go from being a professional in your industry to being a naive schoolboy who’s happy to like and comment. The #likeforlike hashtag looks especially ridiculous against this background.

The idea with a subscription, like, and comment should be introduced in a more creative way – to do raffles or, for example, closed invites for subscribers.