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Crucial Mistakes in SMM Promotion

Social networks are a big part of our lives. Sometimes it is too expensive for businesses to keep accounts in each of them, and managers either hire inexperienced SMM specialists or try to do it themselves. And they often make mistakes. If we look at the history of social media and its impact on business, we can certainly assume that social media marketing strategist is one of the key factors for your brand’s success. Now we are going to look through some critical SMM mistakes for you to avoid in the future. MISTAKE 1. TRYING TO SELL EVERYTHING… Read more

How Social Media Marketing Works for Business

SMM is a set of works and measures for the creation and promotion of content in certain promoted social channels. Social networks represent a small number of sites with a huge number of users who actively interact with each other through the capabilities of the social networking sites themselves. Despite the cons of social media in business, you can effectively utilize social media marketing for your business goals. In this article, I will try to break down what you need to start promotion in social networks, how to build your sales funnel in SMM, and what mistakes are usually made by experienced and not very SMM engineers!… Read more