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The Pros and Cons of Search Engine Optimization

Often people do not understand what SEO is or have a vague understanding: “I heard somewhere you just write texts on the site.” In fact, the list of works to promote and increase the visibility of the site in search engines is extensive. But first things first – what is SEO, and what is it for?

In simple words, the task of technical SEO specialist is to improve the site and get approval from the search engines, which in turn will produce the target audience for your site.

In the world of social media vs real life, SEO occupies an honorable place, and now it’s time to learn more about its specifics.


Search, at its first stages, was relatively primitive. Methods for the output are simple and not always honest: over spamming keywords on the page or the massive purchase of links.

Now, “while our spaceships prowl the expanse of the universe,” the old methods do not work or give short-term results, and then the site falls under the sanctions of search engines. Conventionally, SEO optimization is divided into several methods: white, gray, and black.

White methods of optimization – these are methods that do not violate the rules of search engines. They can be divided into internal and external optimization.

To begin with, you need to compare yourself with your competitors and understand what to do to ensure that the site is relevant to the right subject and, in response to the query, give the fullest response to the queries in the niche. Each topic should be its own strategy for promotion. You should identify which pages need more attention, what is the link profile of your competitors, how to properly increase the number of links, and so on.

Collection of the semantic core – a fundamental task. In the process of selecting keywords for which the optimization will be carried out. A properly made semantic kernel simplifies the work with the site structure, optimization of tags, meta tags, and text content.

It also requires some work to improve the technical component.


Site optimization is necessary, but there are peculiarities that you need to be aware of so as not to be too disappointed. People in business sometimes have too high of expectations for SEO or do not trust this tool. So, about the benefits:


SEO traffic is interested users looking for a particular service or product and coming to the site from a search. You can say that these are “warm” customers, ready to buy / order / make an application. That is, by increasing the visibility of the site in search, SEO increases the income of the site.

Long-term effect

The effect of the work remains for a long time. The fact that the site has taken a high position in SERP for specific queries means that the page likes the search robots and will rank well until the algorithms of search engines have changed.

A trusting relationship with the customer

Users may be distrustful of adverts, giving preference to a site at the top of search results.

Improving the usability of the site

After the introduction of recommendations from a specialist, the site becomes more convenient. The service leaves a pleasant impression, encourages returning again, and recommends the site to friends and acquaintances.



Long lead times and getting results

SEO is a long game, and you should not expect quick results.

There are no explicit guarantees

No specialist will not give you a 100% guarantee that you will occupy the top positions all the time because there is a third party – the search engines. Moreover, they may change their requirements at any time, which will have a negative impact even on high-quality sites.

Making improvements to the functionality of the site

Requires a really large number of improvements to the site and their timely implementation to achieve your goals.

The top has moved lower, and there are fewer organics

There is a tendency for high-frequency queries to be placed in the high positions of information blocks in search engine listings. Then come aggregator sites, which are more favored by search engines. Often there are 3-4 spots left for organics on the 4 screens of the desktop. Not to mention the mobile extradition – there, you have to scroll through numerous links to see the actual site. So you need to take this into account when setting goals for SEO: the fight for HF-queries in some niches will not be for the first place in extradition but for the fifth to eighth.